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Federal Indictment of Ron and Tom Calderon 2-20-14. Read it here.




Aljazeera America published a sealed FBI affidavit on October 30, 2013, alleging corruption in State Senate offices to justify a search of Sen. Ronald Calderon's office. As commentator David DePaolo noted in his blog on November 1, 2013,

“Workers' compensation fraud news makes good headlines - employers get busted for misreporting payroll; workers see court time for inflating or making false claims; carriers and their executives get implicated for redirecting reserve money.

But what the FBI alleges is that the dishonesty starts at the top, in the legislature, where deals are made to ensure the flow of money to those who have paid for the favor.”

Commentator Julius Young noted in his blog on October 31, 2013,

“With a large system such as workers' comp there is always going to be a segment that runs amok with greed and abuse. Unfortunately, it is commonly acknowledged in California workers' comp circles that there have been some persistent abusive practices in Southern California.

What seems new about these emerging allegations is that the tentacles of abusive workers' comp doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs may have extended into Sacramento's Capitol.”

Laurel Rosenhall of The Sacramento Bee posted on October 30, 2013, and extracted some of the most damning allegations.

Stay tuned for updates as this breaking scandal unfolds.

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